Ismail Ingrioui leads an exciting and enthusiastic life. He spends almost all of it learning from life’s experiences and the customised tours he has successfully led. Over the past five years, this qualified mountain guide has set his aspirations around showing his clients  a slice of Morocco’s majestic imperial cities, famous Sahara desert walks and regal Atlas mountain treks that only the locals know and enjoy. With tours spanning over days and sometimes weeks, his experiences from his homeland are always shared personally with everyone.

A CFAMM certified guide from the Training Center for guiding in  Mountains,Tabant, Ismail has led over a hundred tours, the largest spanning 22 people over 15 days, with every traveller in his group being very happy with the individual attention and hospitality they received from him, every day.
So what makes Ismail popular in his profession?
In the words of those who know him, “his energy, passion, enthusiasm and knowledge of his country’s history, tradition and culture is rich, enhanced by what he always learns from the elders in his family and the world around him. With this information, he is able to converse fluently in his native language Berber, then Arabic, English, French and Russian communicate not just facts, but fun trivia about the places he takes his visitors.”
And what is most important to Ismail?

With his ever-present 1000 watt smile, he says,”when my guests are happy, I am happy! I believe everyone needs individual attention that makes them comfortable because they are in a new country with new people in the group. So it is important to make sure that each of my guests enjoy themselves when they are with me. Morocco is my home. I would treat everyone who visits my home with respect, warmth and understanding of their needs.”
So what are you waiting for?
Reach out to (Ismail:, +212 (0) 682623021) so that we can talk to you and understand what your needs are in terms of time, costs and places of interest. We have the experience with hundreds of our special world travellers who have used our services, to understand how we can best provide you an extraordinary experience, either in the cities, mountain regions or the desert. We are there to give you a life time experience with a smile.
It’s no wonder that Ismail is famously known amongst those who know him as,“I-smile” !

What are we all about?
Don’t we travel the world looking to broaden our horizons? Isn’t every experience an amazing one when you meet like-minded people in an exciting country? Isn’t it special when you feel like a local and are treated to the every-day real life experiences of the common man?
Why travel looking for adventure when we can give you everything on a platter?
At …..we offer you a varied and personal experience that comes with our guides who are passionate about the magic that Morocco radiates. With certifications and qualifications that speak of our professional outlook, we bring our own personal touch to showing you Morocco with a difference.
Our travel experts offer you exclusive private tours and well planned day trips to Marrakech. We take you on off-beaten paths, walking through the famous ancient street markets, spending time out in the Sahara desert, trekking through the rugged Atlas mountains and much more!
We cater to your every need. Our personal services range from your travel, accommodation and even your personal guide to give you the local insight to the varied culture and cuisine of the land. Enjoy camel rides, belly dancing, the local delicacies, pottery classes and a host of other customised community activities when you travel with us.
You won’t regret the experience.
It will truly be a story of Sahara Dreams.
Join us on this journey.