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As the famous traveler Ibn Battuta said; “Traveling, it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”. Traveling is without any doubt an awarding experience that gives you the ability to see and to learn plenty of things, we are here to make your journey unforgettable and unique .

Who are we : 

Sahara Dreams travel is a travel agency and tour operator established in Marrakech, passionate about showing people from all over the world the best of Morocco and his hidden places that only a few people discovered. The idea behind the creation of this travel agency came due to winning the Bronze award in the Wanderlust world guide award in October 2019, (you will find more information about this award in the following paragraphs). We tend to offer a wide range of different tours in this magical country. We take you on trips to enjoy the stunning magical landscapes, and to discover the country’s culture and the basic life of its people, traveling is not only about looking for beautiful views but it is also to merge in the country’s culture and to see life through a local’s eyes. We want you to love Morocco and to see it just as we do.

Ismail Ingrioui is a CFAMM certified guide from the training center for guiding in the Mountains. Ismail has also led over a hundred tours with people all over the world. Thanks to his education and knowledge Ismail is able to communicate and to lead conversations in his native language Berber, then Arabic, English, French and Russian.

What makes us unique? 

Around Morocco, Sahara dreams travel designed for you unique and personalized itineraries for the discovery of the natural and architectural wonders of our country, but also for meeting people which leaves more vivid memories.

Much more than simple travels, we try to make it at the same time an experience full of emotions. we promise a high quality attested by demanding clientele.

Our guide Ismail Ingrioui gives magic to your trip, Our guide travel constantly in order to find the unusual and know the destinations at his fingertips. Our guide native and passionate about the country watches for your travel desires and offers you a personalized service from the first contact to your return.

Ismail Ingrioui is very popular in his profession and you are probably wondering why?

In the world of those who know him, Ismail is very energetic, passionate full of enthusiasm. The knowledge of his country’s history, traditions and culture is wide and incomparable.

Ismail’s famous saying is:  “When my guests are happy, I am happy! I believe everyone needs individual attention that makes them comfortable because they are in a new country with new people in the group. So it is important to make sure that each of my guests enjoys themselves when they are with me. Morocco is my home. I would treat everyone who visits my home with respect, warmth, and understanding of their needs.”

This is not the only thing that makes our guide unique, he also received the bronze award in the 2019 “Wanderlust” World Guide Awards.

You are without any doubt wondering what is this award about, the answer is in the following paragraph

The wanderlust award 

Whit experience in tourism of more than ten years and a lot of hard work, motivation, ambition, and enthusiasm Ismail won in October 2019 a bronze prize in London symbolizing his hard work and unicity.

Wanderlust is a popular travel magazine established in London UK. Every year this well-known magazine selects ten winners from a pool of over 4 000 nominees based on tourist reviews and testimonies, and the top three receive gold, silver and bronze awards.

Winning this prize is without any doubt a great pride for the tourism field in Morocco, winning such a prize is not something easy to do, it demanded years and years of hard work and motivation ( you can learn more about Ismail’s life in this article ).

Our guide received more testimonials than any other guide this year, and all the testimonials were glowing with praise and very positive. The Wanderlust World Guide Award organized a magical ceremony full of joy and happy tears in order to celebrate the winners.

If you want to learn more about Ismail Ingrioui and the Wanderlust world guide award do not hesitate to read this article.

What do we offer 

The aim behind traveling the world is looking to broaden our horizons and to live an amazing experience, as Helen Keller said “ Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all” It is time then to go out from the bubble of routine life and to meet like-minded people in an exciting journey with us. The charm of traveling is when you feel like a local and to face the everyday real-life experiences like a common man.

In Sahara, Dreams travel we can give you everything you’ve ever wanted and imagined on a platter.

At Sahara Dreams Travel we tend to offer you varied and personalized experiences and trips with our guides who are nothing less but passionate about the magic that Morocco hides. Thanks to our certifications and qualifications that speak of our professional outlook, we want to show you Morocco with a difference and from a whole new perspective.

Our travel experts offer you exclusive private tours and well planned day trips to Marrakech. We take you on off beaten paths, we make you discover the authenticity of Morocco by walking through ancient street markets, spending quality time in the Sahara desert, trekking through the Atlas mountains… and much more.

Do Not hesitate to make your life glowing with unique traveling experiences and contact us now.


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We guarantee you a journey of dreams in Sahara dreams travel.