Moroccan Tours

The Treasures Untold: Imperial Cities (Overview)
This tour is all about unravelling the history behind the majestic and astounding Moroccan Imperial cities, some of which date back to pre-historic times. You will see palaces with Roman influences (from the 1st century BC), then the Byzantine 6th century era and then of course, the Berbers themselves. There is also a presence of the French and the Spanish architecture at some cities. The Imperial Cities of Morocco are Fez, Marrakech, Meknes and Rabat. All established and enriched by the leaders who promoted vast cultural growth, tradition and architectural opulence seen mostly at the kasbahs. Don’t miss our adventure at Erg Chebbi, Merzouga either. It’s the sand dune special we do on camel back…riding into the sunset and waking up to walk out to the sunrise.

We also take you through the winding loud and crowded markets of these Imperial cities, that house of the best spice markets and leather shops of Morocco!  The tour promises you a never ending string of experiences ranging from camel rides in the Sahara (yes, camp around the fire to hear your Moroccan guide regale you with stories from the desert), to bargaining with the locals for their merchandise (everything from intricately carved silver jewellery, to leather shoes with fancy thread work woven into them, spices that fire up your senses and make you hungry, carpets that have been made from the finest wool in the region…and there’s so much more!) A trip around the Imperial cities remind you of why the Moroccan leaders and legends chose to invest heavily in these places and leave it for the world to admire.

The Silent Soul of the Desert: The Sahara Experience (Overview)

When you are in love, any place looks like paradise. So your honeymoon would need to be treated with much more detail keeping in mind your need for quiet, special and custom made tours that treat the two of you to only the best of Morocco. Yes, peaceful and soulful candle light dinners are definitely on the agenda. So are camel rides for only the two of you in the stillness of the desert! Stay under the stars that speak of love when you are in the intimately decked up rooms at our ‘riads’.

So what’s different here?

It’s in the very heart beat of the tour. Where your tour guide works with you to give you a special every day for your partner and you. Taste the local cuisine, with some berber specials overlooking the Casablanca? Or walk hand in hand for hours along the sprightly markets looking for good deals on merchandize? Or better still…cycle or trek together around the Atlas mountains and then stop at the village for some local dishes made by those who understand your food preferences. The choices are many. All you have to do is tell us what it is you are looking for and we will carve out a tour JUST for you with your personal transport and guide with you to make the experience a memorable one.